Global Child (Older Episodes)

Our first steps across the world. With stories, friends and lots of learnings.

  • Argentina - "The Power of Perspective"

    Get ready to trek across miles of glaciers in la Patagonia, dance in a bar made of solid ice or perhaps you’d rather go tango in steamy Buenos Aires; either way you don’t want to miss jumping on board with Augusto on this delightful South American adventure.

  • Russia - "The Difference of Dreaming"

    Join Augusto as he meets new friends who take him to explore the gorgeous castles of Peterhof, river birthday parties, dance the night away in Moscow, taste the unexpected in St. Petersburg and dream away as we float away on hot air balloons across the Russian sky!

  • New Zealand - "The Nature of Adventure"

    From Jet boating through canyons to fishing off Seaplanes, enjoying breathtaking Fjords and even dressing up as hobbits; you’re about to join Augusto on a mind blowing exploration of one of the most remote and beautiful places on earth!

  • San Francisco to Napa - "The Art of Tranformation"

    Set your mind free as we visit Alcatraz or be captivated by sunset boat rides under the Golden Gate bridge. Hike amongst the tallest trees in the world or go face to face with hundreds of Buffaloes before we speed with Augusto through Napa Valley on Shelby Cobras: San Francisco to Napa will amaze...

  • Sweden - "The Secret of Friendship"

    From kayaking across the Swedish archipelago to visiting the old town in Stockholm and partying in the majestic island of Visby with his stunning guides, you won’t want to miss this fun filled episode as Augusto explores the meaning of friendship!

  • Australia - "Courage vs. Fear"

    Join Augusto as he conquers his fears… from doing tricks across the sky over the Sydney bay to scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef or handling exotic animals in the most ancient Rainforest in the world; you’ve never seen the land down under like this before!

  • Israel & Jordan - "The Lesson of Love"

    Join Augusto on this spiritual journey as we explore ancient Jerusalem, the rest of the Holy Land including the scorching Dead Sea, the incredible
    fortress of Masada and even cross the border to Jordan as we discover Jerash and Petra one of the seven wonders of the world!

  • Japan - "Contrast & Awe"

    From epic Robot shows to zen temples and ancient fish markets, join Augusto as he explores the most delightful of contrasts in this one of a kind adventure.

  • Peru - "The Journey of a Thousand Valleys"

    Cross this magical country on ATVs as we explore ancient salt mines, only to be topped by crossing mystical mountains on foot through hail and sunshine as we venture to the top of Machu Picchu; this metaphoric journey is one you’ll want to join Augusto on!